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Adventure Golf – The special fun experience for the whole family

Since June 2011, Woferlgut has become the the first facility in Austria with the new Family Experience Adventure Golf! Adventure Golf is the golf game that comes closest to “big” golf – with a completely special fun and excitement factor for the whole family.

You play the ball over distances of up to 24 meters through large rock fragments and try to overcome brooks. Twelve different routes situated on a park-like surface of 2000 m2 promise a wide variety. The different levels of difficulty and variations also require some tactics and skillfulness. Tracks several meters long, fitted with artificial lawn and strong ground deformations allow the trained golfer to play together with the beginner - the beginner will play the simple variation of the route, while the trained golfer takes the difficult one. The challenges of the game lie in reading the ground deformations and estimating the right length of the ball play. This sport, already a favourite in Denmark and Sweden, now has its first Austrian Adventure Golf facility at the Sportcamp Woferlgut.

Our 12-route  facility offers play, sport and fun for the whole family. The varied course is open daily from spring to autumn, from 10 10 p.m. For a special game, come enjoy the facility in the evening under illumination. Come and try to manage the course with as few strokes as possible.


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