The city of Salzburg - a city that fascinates!

The city of Salzburg is not only Mozart's hometown but was also promoted to World Cultural Heritage status by UNESCO thanks to its numerous cultural monuments. Take your time to soak in the charming atmosphere of the historical old town.

A trip to Salzburg is worth it!

The city of Salzburg

There is always something going on in the city of the Festspiele and Mozart's hometown with 4.000 events a year. Every taste will find a program for them - fortress concert, theatre, jazz performance, reading or salsa evening.

The historical Old Town with its Hohensalzburg Fortress, the Mirabell and Hellbrunn Castles and the Getreidegasse Street and the Salzburg Cathedral was promoted to World Cultural Heritage status by UNESCO in 1997.

The city of Salzburg

There is much to admire in the city of Salzburg! Mozart's birthplace and the house where he lived, as well as the numerous places where he was active, are extremely popular destinations not only for music lovers but also for the whole family.

Together with the Hohensalzburg Fortress and the House of the Nature, they rank among the TOP 10 sights. During the individual thematic guided tours, you can explore the most varied faces of the capital of the Salzburg Region. The most exciting and carefree kind of exploring in Salzburg is a Segway City Surfing-Tour - accompanied by a Segway Coach.

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