Rafting & Canyoning - a holiday for adventurers

Outdoor adventurers can go down the longest rafting route in the Salzburg Region. Calm passages change to turbulent wild water: this is pure outdoor fun.

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Soaking summer fun for the whole family

Our rafting guides take you safely through action rafting tours in calm and wild waters on the longest rafting route in the Salzburg Region. The daily trip starts in Högmoos. Juicy cutlet, baked potatoes and salad are waiting to refresh you after about 1.5 hours at a barbecue place just at the riverside. Then you will follow the longer and more adventurous route to Schwarzach. To finish you will receive a diploma.

Stimulate the desire for adventure of your children. The small pirates will go to seek a treasure on a hidden isle. A campfire and grilled sausages await them as reward!

Rafting & Canyoning: Outdoor fun of special kind!

Canyoning through the legendary Kitzloch Canyon!

Experience the excitement of wild water from another perspective! Go down the valley on the water together with our experienced guides.Canyoning is a blend of hiking, abseiling, climbing, waterfall jumping and swimming. Feel the pressure of the water, climb rock faces up and down - an adrenaline kick of a special kind. The two 10 meterwaterfalls you will jump down are the absolute highlight of the tour!

In 4 hours you will experience an adventure you will never forget! You will be awarded a diploma at the small farewell party with goulash soup.

Rafting & Canyoning: Outdoor fun of special kind!

Summer Holiday at Sportcamp Woferlgut in Bruck - Zell am See