Play Creek and Kneipp Creek

Kneipp FacilityKneipp baths, wandering in the morning dew, relaxing at the creek or child romping. The Play Creek for all children and Kneipp Creek for the adults at the Hotel & Camping Sportcamp Woferlgut in Bruck – Zell am See is perfect for these activities. Cold sparkling mountain water flows around your legs and has a pleasant stimulating and massaging effect. Kneipp the Priest already anticipated what is scientifically proven today. Regular use of cold water stimulates the immune system and protects you from catching a cold or suffering from chronic bronchitis.

Treading through water stimulates blood circulation and increases the blood supply to veins. The cold stimulation prevents varicose veins, and if performed in the evening, it helps you to fall asleep better.

And while you are refuelling with fresh energy and a new joy of life, your children can play in the mountain creek. The play area with its streaming water is one of the nicest experiences your children can have in nature. Today it is not so easy to find a creek where children can play, particularly for city families. We have opened this opportunity to you and your family.

Your children can get plenty of experiences in the safe stream of shallow water here. Children throw sticks and leaves into the creek and breathlessly follow them floating downstream, they build small boats with the Kid's Club and assemble water wheels. Or how about building a dam?

Water is simply fun!

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