Classic partial massage approx. 25 min.

A partial massage is the ideal massage for treating tensions in the neck and shoulder area, lumbar vertebra area, legs and other parts of the body.

Classic full body massage approx. 50 min.

A full body massage is one of the most comprehensive massages since the entire body relaxes. It is used mainly for relaxation, relief of tensions and skin care.

Reflexology treatment approx. 25 min.

According to traditional Native American medicine, different areas at the bottom of the foot communicate with particular parts of the body. Reflexology creates the connection

between the individual organs in the body and the nervous system. This improves the blood circulation of the organ and the self-healing powers are stimulated.

Mud pack approx. 20 min.

Mud is a natural remedy. The humic acid in mud packs has an anti-inflammatory effect. Mud packs also alleviate pain and improve blood circulation. – You should try it!

Facial and neck massage approx. 15 min.

The face reflects the soul of a human – the facial muscles work continuously all day long and our face speaks volumes about our wellbeing – without words – because our facial expressions tell more about us than we think. Ramona‘s qualified hands gently pamper and relax your facial and neck muscles.

Facial lymph drainage 25 min,

The facial lymph drainage purges, tones and smooths the skin. It is used for complaints in the head area (like puffy eyes, swellings, migraine, sinuses …).

Full body lymph drainage approx. 50 min.

The lymph drainage activates the body’s own lymph system. The lymph system is not only responsible for optimal drainage and purging but also supports the entire immune system. Lymph drainage is especially beneficial in cases like blockages, heavy legs and arms and cellulite.

Breuss massage approx. 30 min.

The Breuss massage is a subtle, energetic back massage with St. John’s oil. It was developed by Rudolf Breuss, 1899 – 1990, a naturopath from Vorarlberg.

This massage relaxes the muscles and aids the relief of physical and emotional tensions.

The regeneration of undersupplied intervertebral disks is activated; back pain and hormone imbalances are alleviated or eliminated. This is the ideal preparation for the spine treatment according to Dorn afterwards.

Dorn-Breuss therapy approx. 60 min.

The Dorn method is a gentle, efficient and simple treatment of the spine and joints. The leg length compensation is followed by the straightening of the pelvic, the sacrum and the spine.

This therapy is used, for example, in cases of legs with different lengths, malposition of the hip, knee or ankle joints, scoliosis, vertebra dysfunctions and blockages in the sacroiliac joint. Functional stomach complaints, migraines, heart troubles and other pains are also improved since the treatment of the spine often has positive effects on the function of various organs. The nerves going out from the spine supply all organs and tissues. Displacement, malposition or blockage of one or several vertebrae causes the undersupply of certain organs and disorders, like migraine, digestive diseases, and paraesthesia and joint complaints, can occur even without pain. Displaced vertebrae and joints are relocated thus eliminating dysfunctions of the spine.

Paid services:

Full massage about 45 min.

€ 56,-


€ 153,-     


€ 240,- 

Partial massage about 25 min.

€ 40,-


€ 110,-


€ 177,-

Breuss massage about 30 min.

€ 47,-

Dorn-Breuss therapy about 60 min.

€ 76,-

90 min.

€ 108,-

120 min.

€ 142,-

Mud package about 20 min.

€ 24,-

Mud package and partial massage about 45 min.  

€ 56,-

Face and nape massage about 25 min.

€ 40,-

Foot reflex zone massage about 25 min.

€ 40,-

Face lymphatic drainage about 25 min.

€ 40,-

Full body lymphatic drainage about 60 min.

€ 76,-

Solarium (5 min.)

€  6,-

10er-Block Solarium

€ 50,-

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