We are more than an excellent campground!

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We are proud to be a member of the LeadingCampings of Europe. We really want to be with the best of the best when it is about your most precious days of the year and want to make your holidays an unforgettable experience providing you with a perfect service.

LeadingCampings is by no means a marketing label among many but indeed a brand boasting high quality standards. The numerous prizes that the 36 members could collect at the beginning of 2014 have attested to this once again.

Traditionally, the big international camping guides and automobile clubs award their prizes in January: At the ANWB Camping Gala, at the Alan Rogers Awards, at the ADAC-Caminggala and the Camping.info-Award, the LeadingCampings have again achieved top places in 2014, for example, at the CARAVANING Awards "Campgrounds of Year". Our quality is ensured by binding articles of association, unannounced mystery guest visits at each member every three years, yearly joint training courses and since 1994 by an intensive exchange at the company level - not just within our group but worldwide.

© 2021 Woferlgut

With LeadingCampings you are always in good hands, especially as a VIC, a very important campger. That's how we call our most loyal guests that are members of our LeadingsClub carrying their LeadingCard. We will be more than happy to provide you with advice during your next visit!

For more information go to the website of LeadingCampings.

Awards 2015

Camping.Info Award

We are very proud having received this award! The camping.info award is a prize given by the guest, only the evaluation of the guests is counted.

Erwin Oberascher, operator of Camping.Info says: „We promise that there are only companies with a high guest satisfaction. You will feel that!"

ADAC BestCamping 2015

© 2021 WoferlgutThe ADAC-classification system defines a top group of European campsites. It consists of places which have received in the classification five stars. This group of campsites provides a high quality of offers and services. Thiese campsites are ADAC BestCampings. Sportcamp Woferlgut has won this award serveral times!